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Chain Waxing

We are now offering chain waxing. This professional level service starts with removing and ultra sonically cleaning your chain. Next we immerse the chain in heated Molton Speed Wax which provides maximum performance and protection to your chain in a clean and oil free way.  Call us if you want to learn more about it!

Ultra Sonic Cleaning

Ultra sonic cleaning is an extreme deep clean of chains, cassette and more. The part being cleaned is submersed into a solution in our machine. The machine uses ultrasound which brakes down tough dirt and grease. The solution is also heated to over 60 degrees Celsius to help break down the grease. When the part comes out it looks even better than new.

Ultra Sonic Cleaning


  • -Remove chain
  • -Submerse chain in ultra sonic cleaner 
  • -Re-install chain and lube.

Basic Chain Waxing


  • -Remove chain and hand clean
  • -Re-install chain and apply basic wax
  • -Does not include ultra sonic cleaning

Professional Chain Waxing


  • -Remove chain 
  • -Degrease and Ultra sonically clean
  • -Submerse chain in heated premium wax
  • -Re-install chain