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Bike Services

Our three standard bike tune-up's are designed as a starting point for repairing your bike. Most bikes often need more work than what is listed on our tune-ups. This list we have provided below is a guide to what our prices are. If you do not see the service that your are interested in below contact us as not everything we offer is listed below.

We also offer free estimates. Stop by the shop and speak with one of our techs and we can walk through what might need to be done. 

We also offer a rush service for that last minute repair before a big ride or race. Our rush service charge is an additional $75 on top of the repair cost. 

Standard Tune-Up


Basic Tune-Up includes:

  • Brake adjustments
  • Shifter adjustments
  • Truing of Wheels
  • Chain lubrication
  • Frame wipe down
  • Lubricate other moving parts on bike
  • Preform a test ride of the bicycle

Pro Tune-Up


Basic Tune-Up plus:

  • Headset adjustments
  • Hub adjustments as needed
  • Bottom bracket adjustments
  • Drivetrain deep clean (removal of chain, cassette, chainrings)



Advanced Tune-Up plus:

  • Strip down bike to the frame
  • Loose ball bearings are replaced with new grease
  • Complete overhaul pricing includes all labor for any additional upgrades to the bike
  • Drivetrain reinstallation, inspection, and fine-tuning

This is a great service to perform on your old bike when you want to do major upgrades or bring a vintage bike back to life
Come talk to us and we'll figure out the best service for your situation
Free chain waxing included with purchase of premium chain and overhaul
Discounted to $250.00 out of season (winter)!

A La Carte Labor Services (parts are not included)


Flat tire repair
Replace tire(per)
$ 15.00
Install new wheel
$ 15.00
Wheel truing (per)
$ 25.00
Wheel building (per wheel)
Hub bearing overhaul (loose bearings included)
$ 25.00
Replace or install cassette
$ 15.00
Convert wheel to tubeless (per wheel, does not include valves)
$ 40.00


Replace brake cable (per)
Replace brake shoes (per set)
Adjust mechanical brake 
Bleed hydraulic disc brake (per)
Disc-brake rotor repair
Install and adjust new brake (per)
Install/bleed new brakes (disc/hydraulic)


Chain Waxing (includes ultra sonic deep clean of chain)
Clean and lube
Replace chain 
Replace cassette
Replace chainrings
Replace/install crankset 
Install bottom bracket
Adjust/install derailleur (per)
Adjust/install shifter (per)
Replace shift cable (per)
Install/remove pedals


Adjust headset
Replace headset
Replace handlebars (flat, includes grip/shifter install)
Replace handlebars (drop, includes tape/shifter install)
Replace stem
Replace handlebar tape
Replace handlebar grips


Overhaul headset
Overhaul/replace bottom bracket
Overhaul hub(per)
Overhaul derailleur pulleys

Frame & Fork

Replace fork
$ 40.00 
Suspension fork seal and oil replacement
Rear shock seal replacement
Pivot bearing service
$ 100.00
Frame preparation for assembly (thread chase & face)
$ 75.00
Derailleur hanger (frame) repair/replacement
$ 15.00 

Other Services

Box bike for shipping
Assemble boxed bike 
Assemble electric bike$275.00

DIY bike repair

 Enjoy working on your own bikes? We also have a huge selection of bike parts and tools for sale as well. Swing by if your are in need of anything or just need some help figuring out a solution on your project.