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Electric Bike Maintenance

How To Care For Your Electric Bike

Keeping your electric bike in good working order improves your fun and safety. Electric bikes aren’t much more complicated than traditional bikes when it comes to maintenance - the key difference is the battery and electronic drive components. Most importantly, treat your battery with care, and always bring your electric bike in for professional service at least once a year. We’re happy to provide you with tips and advice on how to maintain your electric bike, so you can keep enjoying it!

How To Maintain Your Electric Bike


Charge Your Battery Properly

Each manufacturer provides appropriate charging equipment and specific instructions for proper and safe charging.


Keep Tires Properly Inflated

Underfilled tires can cause issues, especially when riding at high speeds. Make sure to keep a flat repair kit on you and know how to use it.


Check Your Brakes

This applies to any type of bike, but with electric bikes, it’s especially important. You need to be able to brake comfortably, even at higher speeds.


Clean & Lube Your Chain

One of the most important parts of any bicycle, a well-maintained chain works with the drivetrain and allows you to shift gears. Regularly cleaning and lubing it is crucial!


Schedule Regular Maintenance

If you’re riding your electric bike frequently, take it in for service at least once per year. This will extend your bike’s life and keep you riding longer.

Repair Services

Our team of professional technicians will assess your e-bike’s needs and give it the refresh it deserves. We work on most brands but be sure to call us ahead of time to make sure. Please remember to remove the battery prior to coming in. 

Service Prices